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Adaptándose a los cambios en 2020: Una diseñadora de juguetes de Barcelona pivota para crear mascarillas para todos.


“Si me hubieras dicho en enero que iba a llevar a cabo un proyecto de fabricación de mascarillas reutilizables en unos pocos meses, nunca te hubiera creído”, dice Amy. “Ha sido un año difícil en muchos sentidos, pero estoy orgullosa de que hayamos podido aportar algo útil a esta crisis”.

Made In Barcelona



Face masks of rainbows drawn by children

Barcelona-based start-up MasksForAll came about in March 2020 when Amy Holden, the mother of two young children, realized she couldn't find any decent face masks for them online as she had hoped. Undeterred, she decided to pull a few strings and reach out to some of her own connections to begin producing eco-friendly masks in a small workshop in Cerdanyola del Vallès, just outside the Catalan capital. Holden's company has already sold thousands of masks, but one design in particular stands out: a rainbow print design drawn by children during the strict six-week confinement period.

Catalan News


Mascaretes infantils: les millors i més divertides


És el crit de guerra que es va començar a popularitzar a les xarxes per reivindicar l'ús de mascaretes i el nom d'un projecte nascut en temps de crisi sanitària que es tradueix en mascaretes per a canalla i adults. Estan fetes amb doble capa i filtre, i de la col·lecció infantil –disponible en tres talles– destaca el model 'Tot sortirà' bé', estampat amb dibuixos fets per la canalla (costa 9,95 euros i estan disponibles a la seva web).  

Time Out Barcelona


Made in Barcelona: Children’s Art Masks

MasksForAll collected photos of children’s rainbow art from families all over Spain and turned them into a rainbow design which has now been printed onto fabric and made into brightly-colored face masks in sizes for all the family.

“Rainbow paintings on windows and balconies were a way for children to connect and share a positive message with each other from their own home. Now, as they begin to go out into the world again, we want them to see their rainbows on other children and to realize that we are all in this together,” she adds.

Barcelona Metropolitan



Mascarilla higiénica ecológica hecha con 2 capas de telas ecológicas anti-microbiales con más del 94% de filtración y con espacio para filtro. Incluye 3 filtros de recambio. Precio 9,95 tienen packs surtidos de 10 a 69,65 euros.


Barcelona-Based Toy Designer launches MasksForAll 

As masks have now been made obligatory in many countries, new company MasksForAll has been launched by Barcelona-based toy designer, Amy Holden, who struggled to buy face masks suitable for her children. Seeking an eco-friendly option that didn’t use up valuable PPE, which is vitally needed in hospitals, Amy has set up production of reusable, sustainable masks locally, just outside Barcelona.

Toy World Mag


Playing Defense: Stylish Face Masks

The Local Favorite - The Masks For All Shop was created by Amy Holden, a mom who could not find a quality mask for her children that was comfortable and greener than a disposable mask. Inspired by the #masksforall #MascarillasParaTodos movements on social media, she decided to create her own. Her masks are ecological, 100% cotton, include three filters, and come in a variety of playful prints for children.

The Barcelona Edit


World Alive launches MasksForAll

The Spanish toy company World Alive S.L., best known for its Aqua Dragons brand, has confirmed the launch of a new line of face masks for children. MasksForAll has been set up in the last couple of weeks, and recognises the growing need for parents to have protection from Covid-19 for their families when outside the home.

Toy World Mag


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